‚ÄčThe Brew Estate is Chandigarh's largest F&B establishment with an all-round focus on providing an upbeat experience to all those who walk in through the doors. As the name suggests, The Brew Estate is a micro-brewery, but what sets it apart from other such establishments is the way each aspect of dining and drinking is given a unique identity inside the premises. Serving four different blends of freshly brewed beer from Germany and Belgium, The Brew Estate aims to break the stereotype of the lack of skillfully crafted beer in the North. With a well trained staff, and a skilled back-end support system in the kitchen, everything that is brought on to the tables is meant to taste the best that it can be. So that whoever takes a bite and a sip experiences pleasure that can never be forgotten.

Upon entering, you are surrounded in a café themed around popular culture with quirky décor and an air of comfort engulfs you with a sense of familiarity. An open kitchen and a minimally designed bar with its impressive collection of fine liquor are a feast for the eyes. Graced at the backdrop of the bar is the heart of The Brew Estate - the brewing house. Beautifully constructed and artfully positioned, these functional pieces of equipment complete the look that a bar needs, invoking appreciation from even the most reserved observers. Below the café, lies a lounge that captivates the easy-going partying crowd, albeit not chasing the discotheque culture. What sets the lounge apart is its ability to be a mood-influencing agent as the focus here will lie on good music with company that you enjoy. The minimal architecture that dots the lounge has been tastefully constructed and the eccentric décor lends an air of originality that is hard to replicate. The star of the show lies with the stage where the purpose goes beyond the clichés of live performances into something far more unique, enjoyable and tasteful - something that Chandigarh has never experienced before, which will set the standards of live entertainment in F&B establishments.

Past the hustle and bustle of the lounge and the café, awaits the Beer Garden. A unique, and perhaps the only one of its kind segment in the region, The Beer Garden at The Brew Estate is inspired from the European homes of Beer - Germany and Belgium. Tastefully done, the Beer Garden aims to appeal to everyone - from youngsters to even grandparents. From benches, to lounge chairs and cabanas, the Beer Garden is the one place where memories will be made and cherished for ages to come. Dotted with the beer fountain (again, the only one of its kind in the region) and graffiti that uniquely resonates the theme, the Beer Garden is where you come to chill, laugh, play, eat, drink, and be merry. At the end of The Beer Garden lies the private dining lounge, also known as the VVIP Lounge. Similar to the lounge in the basement, but with more posh vibes; the VVIP Lounge sets itself as a unique segment in the establishment where an elegantly hosted meet can be organized - whether it is a corporate lunch after a successful closing, an anniversary dinner, or even a birthday party with a specially designed menu.

The Brew Estate - where the guest is indeed the King, and the memories will be cherished endlessly!