The Great Kabab Factory Sec-26 Chandigarh welcomes you to the perfected art of making Kababs once dined by the Mughals in a nomadic style.

“Fixed meal package” is what, we offer at The Great Kabab Factory. All the kababs are assembled one by one, followed by Dal, Non veg curry, Indian breads, Biryani with raita, Subji and a chhas to go along, to start with salad is served, and of course to sweeten your experience dangri clad team serves you Indian sweets. Team of five propels this entire voyage, as if giving a look of factory with those overalls. A set of 7 veg and 6 non veg kababs find their way into the menu of the day from an ocean of 400 varieties of veg / non–veg Kababs which are a product of tireless number of hours behind the charcoal fire by the chefs.With an appealing ambience of blue and dim dinner lighting,between 6:30pm to 11pm & Lunch between 11:30 am to 3:30pm you may always be at TGKF but with a prior booking so as not to disappoint your taste buds from the succulent kababs.